About the Forest


The Hoia-Baciu forest is situated in Transylvania, Cluj county, near Cluj-Napoca city.
The forest has a surface of almost 295 hectares.


Short history

The Hoia-Baciu forest is one of the most renowned places in Transylvania and Romania. The area became trully famous in 1968, although locals from Baciu, Floreşti and Cluj-Napoca feared it even before. They say their ancestors told them that once you enter the forest, all the fears of the subconscious become alive and they appear to those who venture here. For a long time, the Hoia-Baciu Forest was considered tabu and a doomed place.

The first who studied the paranormal phenomena in the oak forest was biologist Alexandru Sift (1936-1993). In the 1950s, he spent a lot of time studying every inch of the forest. On the 18th of August 1968, military technician Emil Barnea, together with his girlfriend and two other friends, ventured in the woods. All of a sudden, a strange object appeared in the sky. The odd flying device began to shine and then rapidly accelerated towards the sky. Emil Barnea managed to capture it on his camera. Ufologists consider his images “the most accurate images of an UFO ever captured in Romania and some of the best images of an UFO in the world”. The pictures became worldwide known in 1977, when they were presented at the International Ufology Congress in Acapulco.

Nowadays, the Hoia-Baciu forest continues to fascinate, mostly because of eyewitnesses’stories. The area became famous amongst paranormal and esoterism specialists around the world. Teams of prominent researchers from Germany, France, the US or Hungary visited the Hoia-Baciu forest even in the communist period.

Lately, the Hoia-Baciu forest has been included in numerous tops as the most frightening place in the world, together with other areas where people say you can experience similar phenomena, such as the Mojave Desert and Breeze Bay in the US, La Spezia-Arenzano in Italy, Hessdalen Valley in Norway, Belo Horizonte in Brazil or Kailasa Mountain in Tibet.

Hoia Baciu Forest trailer

About the documentary

The story

The Hoia-Baciu Forest – Truth or Legend is the first professional travel documentary ever made in Romania about this place. It will be a 30 minute movie with two trailers. The documentary will be released at the end of 2016, on the days of Saturnalia (mid December). The two trailers will be released in February and May 2016, in order to promote the documentary and raise part of the money needed for the production.

The documentary will include remakes of storiers told by people who say they have experienced strange phenomena while visiting the forest. There will also be included some testimonies of Romanian and foreign tourists that claim to have lived inexplicable moments, but also interviews with locals and different researchers. All these will be shot using high performance devices. The final editing will not include misrepresentations, but it will still be captivating.

Until now, there is no other movie or documentary that presents the forest to tourists in a professional way. The existing footage is of doubtful quality. Although the area has an immense touristic potential, it is not highlighted as much as other similar forests in the world are.


Our goal

The documentary will most probably become the most wished-for souvenir of Romanian and foreign tourists. It will include images of the forest in all seasons, so the production will last until the end of this year. There will be night and day scenes. The techniques used will be similar to those of an artistic documentary. The script will take into account the stories of the people who visited the forest. There will be no embellishment, mystification or manipulation.

The final aim of the project is to create a professional touristic documentary, that can be compared to the most wanted documentaries from abroad.

Starting December 2016, the documentary will be sold online and offline. It will look like a souvenir (wooden USB stick with the movie file in MP4 full HD 1080p format) in a custom made wooden box with the name and logo of the movie on top. This way, tourists will be able to take with them part of the spirit and shape of the Hoia-Baciu Forest. The documentary will be in English, but tourists may choose Romanian, German, French or Hungarian subtitles.


The producers of this documentary managed to include into the crew two of the most wanted voice-overs in the world. In order to make sure not only the images and the characters in the movie are truthful, but also the narrators’ voices are in character, producers picked two international renowned voices:

Peter Baker – former BBC presenter (www.peterbakervoiceover.com)
Eric Gordon – CNN International voice-over (www.ericgordon.com)


The producers

The travel documentary is a GVT Media, LaRa Media Production, Hoia-Baciu Project (RYLEx) and APDT - Asociatia pentru Promovarea si Dezvoltarea Transilvaniei coproduction.

The four partners joined their experience in order to create a unique product, which brings multiple benefits to tourism in Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania, the top region to travel in 2016 according to lonelyplanet.com

The production crew has over 10 years experience in tourism, niche tourism and tourism promotion. The producers have all the necessary logistics in order to carry out such a big project.


Hoia Baciu Forest trailer

Hoia Baciu Forest trailer


actor actor

Documentar turistic despre padurea bantuita Hoia-Baciu


Padurea bantuita Hoia-Baciu va avea in sfarsit propriul film documentar turistic

Primul documentar turistic despre padurea bantuita Hoia-Baciu


Padurea Hoia-Baciu va avea in sfarsit propriul film documentar turistic!

actor actor
actor actor

Primul film documentar turistic despre fenomenele paranormale din pădurea clujeană Hoia - Baciu


Primul film documentar turistic despre fenomenele paranormale din pădurea clujeană Hoia - Baciu

Documentar românesc despre "pădurea bântuită" Hoia-Baciu


Legendele care au făcut celebră pădurea Hoia-Baciu trec granițele țării. Mai mulți tineri din Cluj filmază un documentar

actor actor
actor actor

Abia aștept lansarea documentarului Hoia-Baciu Forest


Salut cu mare bucurie ideea de a face un documentar despre misterioasa pădure Hoia-Baciu din Cluj-Napoca

Documentar despre Pădurea Hoia-Baciu și misterele paranormale - TRAILER


O echipă entuziastă din Cluj lucrează la realizarea unui documentar despre Pădurea Hoia-Baciu

actor actor
actor actor

Pădurea Hoia-Baciu, în topul celor mai stranii locuri din lume


Subiect de documentar turistic, cu voci de la BBC şi CNN. Trailerul a fost deja lansat

Vineri seara ma duc la Billion Star Hotel. Si trailerul unui documentar clujean


Vineri seara ma duc la Billion Star Hotel. Si trailerul unui documentar clujean

actor actor
actor actor

Documentarul-suvenir de la Cluj: "The Hoia-Baciu Forest – Truth or Legend"


Filmul care va arata lumii ce se intampla in faimoasa padure "paranormala"

Lansarea proiectului "The Hoia-Baciu Forest Truth or Legend"


Proiectul ”The Hoia-Baciu Forest - Truth or Legend” are toate ingredientele necesare pentru a deveni în scurt timp un proiect de succes

actor actor
actor actor

Ce se află în pădurea Baciu?


Primul film despre fenomenele paranormale din pădurea bântuită din România - VIDEO

O echipă de clujeni filmează primul documentar turistic despre „Pădurea bântuită Hoia - Baciu”


O echipă de clujeni realizează primul film documentar turistic despre pădurea Hoia – Baciu de lângă Cluj-Napoca

actor actor
actor actor

Primele secvenţe din documentarul turistic clujean "Pădurea Hoia - Baciu - adevăr sau legendă"


A fost lansat primul trailer al filmului documentar turistic "Pădurea Hoia - Baciu - adevăr sau legendă"

Pădurea bântuită Hoia-Baciu devine star de cinema într-un amplu documentar artistic


Cel puțin la nivel local, pădurea Hoia-Baciu este considerată a fi un loc bântuit...

actor actor
actor actor

Pădurea bântuită Baciu are film documentar pentru turiști


Una dintre cele mai bizare atracții turistice din Cluj, ciudata pădure Hoia-Baciu unde se spune că au loc fenomene paranormale


Hoia Baciu Forest trailer


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Special thanks

This travel documentary wouldn’t have existed without the contribution of those who trully love the Hoia-Baciu Forest and quality tourism.
Special thanks to:

Hoia Baciu Forest trailer

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